Our Story

Better Off Duds believes in sequins & second chances.  We are an imaginative, independent, vintage clothing shop that opened our shop doors in 2012.  At Better Off Duds we specialize in gender & size inclusive vintage & collectable clothing, and we offer mens and womens duds in a brick & mortar shop that is fun, welcoming, & non-discriminatory. We carry clothing & accessories from mostly the 60’s – 90’s, along with occasional older gems and unique modern pieces, with a strong focus on vintage western and one-of-a-kind stagewear styles.  We constantly strive to provide a wide variety of sizes, and LOVE to help people have fun with their wardrobes. Winner of Planet S Magazine’s “Best Vintage Store” & “Best Small Business Owner”, you are always bound to find a unique treasure in our sweet storefront!

BOD in the NEWS

Hear more about our transition story as we navigate slinging vintage during a global pandemic.  

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